New Endogusto Features for Coaches and Athletes

As the scorching summer continues, we’ve been burning up with excitement, working tirelessly to bring some cool new additions to our platform. So, we are thrilled to unveil three new Endogusto features that will help coaches and athletes manage workouts and training plans better than ever.

These groundbreaking updates have been carefully designed to provide more flexibility, convenience, and accuracy in tracking and scheduling training sessions, as well as specifying training availability! 

Are you ready to explore them together? Let’s dive right in!

3️⃣New Endogusto Features for more flexibility, convenience, and accuracy

Athletes and coaches frequently encounter difficulties in tracking and managing workout data. As a result, their ability to effectively monitor their progress can be compromised. On top of that, athletes may struggle to stay committed to their often demanding training; which can lead to a loss of control over their training schedules. These challenges, whether caused by technical limitations or unforeseen circumstances, can hinder decision-making and even athletic performance.

But, now, that’s about to change!

With our latest updates, you can take control of your fitness journey and, together with your coach, make well-informed training decisions!

✍️Manually Add an Activity: Have complete control over workout data 

Manually add an activity

We understand that there are situations where automatic tracking of workouts is not possible. No need to worry about that anymore! Whether you forgot to wear your watch, don’t have one, or engage in exercises that aren’t supported by tracking devices, we have a solution for you.

With our new Manually Add an Activity” feature, athletes can now directly input their workout data into their calendars without the need to upload FIT files every time. And coaches can benefit from the same convenience, as well.

To manually add a workout, simply click the “plus” button on the desired day on your calendar and provide the relevant information based on sport. Whether it’s swimming, cycling, running, or strength training, you can effortlessly specify the necessary parameters in just a few clicks. Furthermore, there’s a dedicated space for free text if you wish to include any additional details.

Don’t stress over stress calculations 📈

As you know, calculating stress is essential for tracking progress, and Endogusto makes it super easy with this feature, too. By providing the type of sport, distance, duration, and preferably one of the following: average power (for cycling), average heart rate, RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), or average pace, the system will automatically calculate the corresponding stress.

Moreover, if you enter the duration and average pace/speed, the system will calculate the distance for you. Likewise, when you input the distance and average pace/speed, the system will calculate the duration of the workout.

Our primary goal with this feature is to provide athletes with complete control over their workout data. Additionally, this feature is designed to alleviate the burden on coaches. Instead of spending valuable time and effort on manual calculations, coaches can now rely on athletes to input their own workout data accurately. This not only saves time but also allows coaches to focus on providing valuable guidance and support to their athletes.

✅Mark as Done: Track progress more effectively than ever

Mark as done feature

In the situations that we described in the previous feature (where tracking is not possible), athletes and coaches require a reliable method to accurately record the completion of workouts. This is where the “Mark as Done” feature proves invaluable.

By selecting the “mark as done” option for the completed workouts, athletes can visually highlight them in green, indicating their successful completion. In this case, as well, the system automatically adjusts the estimated stress to reflect the actual activity, providing a more accurate representation of the training sessions.

This feature aims to enable coaches and athletes to track progress accurately and effectively. By visually differentiating completed workouts and dynamically updating stress calculations, both coaches and athletes gain valuable insights into the athlete’s training. This empowers them to make better decisions and adjustments to optimize performance and achieve their goals.

🙋 Ad Hoc Athlete Availability: Take control of your schedule and find the ideal training-life balance

Ad hoc athlete availability functionality

Managing training availability can be challenging, especially when unexpected circumstances arise. To address this challenge, we have developed a sophisticated system that empowers athletes to set their availability on an ad hoc basis, while automatically notifying their coaches. Athletes can also provide specific reasons for their unavailability, enabling coaches to schedule training sessions without the need for subsequent readjustments.

For example, if you sustain an injury, you can mark yourself as unavailable with the reason “Injury” and provide relevant details to your coach. Similarly, if you have a personal commitment, you can indicate your unavailability with the reason “Personal reasons”. What’s more, since this feature seamlessly integrates with your calendar, it makes it easy to set availability for multiple days at once

The objective of the “Ad Hoc Athlete Availability” feature is to empower athletes to have greater control over their training schedule, striking a better balance between training, personal life, and professional commitments. Also, this feature aims to simplify the scheduling process for coaches and enhance overall efficiency in training management.

Committed to meeting the evolving needs of the endurance sports community

You can see now why we are excited to bring these innovative additions to your calendar. With these new Endogusto features coaches and athletes can take control of training routines, track progress accurately, and maintain motivation. These updates reflect our commitment to delivering cutting-edge services that meet the evolving needs of the endurance sports community.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with these cool new features today, and make training a breeze with Endogusto!

And if you’re new to Endogusto, you can start today for free, and take advantage of a wide range of features that are designed to simplify your life!

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