Business Management

Designed to address your business needs, our endurance coaching platform includes integrated payments, a branded subdomain, and the capacity to add coaches, ensuring you can keep your high-quality services while growing your business.

Add Coaches

Add coaches to your business and train more athletes

Personalized Portal

Athletes access your coaching services through a personalized portal

Let’s take your clients to the next level together.

Receive athletes’ payments

With a Stripe integration, you can receive payments from your athletes directly to your personal bank account

Create your payment plans and one-off fees

Create recurring billing plans or one-off plans specific to your business needs

Apply payment plans to individual athletes

Apply personalized payment plans to individual athletes, or groups of athletes, depending on the level of service they have purchased from you

Keep track of payment history

Monitor payments received, overdue payments, and upcoming payments to stay on top of your income

Track athlete commitment over time

Insights on each athlete’s commitment to the training plan (completed, partial, unplanned, not completed)

Mute inactive athletes

Mark athletes as inactive if they are on a break and stop receiving notifications until you are ready to reactivate them with a click!

Assign athletes to coaches

Choose which coach of your business will train each athlete or coach them yourself

Let’s take your clients to the next level together.

Centralized message board

Share material, post links, and make announcements across your business or to specific athlete groups, as needed.

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