Manage Your Endurance Training Plan Better Than Ever

Do you need to seize control of your workouts, monitor your progress accurately, and have more flexibility with your training plan? If you answered yes, this one’s for you! Get ready to discover three, recently released Endogusto features, and promise to help you manage your endurance training plan like never before!

With these additions to your favorite training platform, Endogusto, you can take charge of your endurance fitness journey and, together with your coach, make well-informed training decisions!

Manage Your Endurance Training Plan with These 3 Ground-Breaking Features

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete striving for that personal best, or a newbie athlete conquering new challenges, this trio of features ensures that you remain committed to your endurance training plan. 

Without further ado, let’s explore them one by one!

1. Manually Add an Activity: Gain Control of Your Workout Data

We understand that, sometimes, automatic workout tracking may not be possible, leaving athletes feeling a bit lost. But, fret not! Endogusto’s got your back with the new “Manually Add an Activity” feature. You don’t have a watch? No problem. Forgot to wear it? No worries. Engaged in exercises not supported by tracking devices? We’ve got you covered. Regardless of the situation, this feature allows you to gain control of your workout data

How does it work? Simply click the plus button on the desired day, provide the relevant details based on sport, and you’re good to go! Swimming, cycling, running, or strength training — you name it, you track it! 

Not only that, but the system also adjusts the estimated stress to reflect the actual activity, providing a more accurate representation of your training sessions. This way, you and your coach can keep a close eye on your training progress, make informed decisions, and adjust strategies to improve your performance.

2. Mark as Done: Accurately Record Completed Workouts 

Life is unpredictable, and circumstances may arise where you’re unable to monitor your training sessions. However, thanks to the “Mark as Done” feature, you and your coach have a reliable method to accurately record your finished workouts within Endogusto, whenever you regain the ability to do so. Simply select the option “Mark as Done” on the day that you completed your workout, and it will be visually highlighted in green on your calendar, signaling its successful completion.

As you mark workouts as done, Endogusto automatically updates stress calculations, providing an accurate depiction of your training sessions. This allows your coach to fine-tune your endurance training plan, as needed.

3. Ad Hoc Athlete Availability: Balance Training and Personal Life Like a Pro

We want you to have the flexibility to adjust your training schedule when life throws unexpected curveballs at you. That’s why we designed the “Ad Hoc Athlete Availability” feature. Using this user-friendly tool, you have the flexibility to set your availability, based on circumstance, and the system will promptly inform your coach through Endogusto’s automated notifications.

Injury? Personal commitments? No problem! You can mark yourself as not available, and state the reason for your unavailability. This way, you make it easier for your coach to schedule training sessions without radical readjustments. And, since this feature seamlessly integrates with your calendar, it also enables you to set availability for multiple days, at once.

The “Ad Hoc Athlete Availability” functionality allows you to tailor your endurance training plan according to your requirements. This enables you to strike the perfect balance between training, personal life, and work obligations. 

Own Your Workout Sessions, with Endogusto

With these cutting-edge features, Endogusto is redefining the way you manage your endurance training program. Now, you can meticulously track your progress, effortlessly schedule your training days, and, consequently, sustain your motivation throughout the training season!

So, why wait? Lace-up those shoes, grab your gear, log in to the world of Endogusto, and rock your workout sessions! 🏊🚵🏃

If you’re new to Endogusto, don’t worry! You can register here for free and unlock a wide range of features designed to simplify your training life. Seize this opportunity, and embark on a training journey toward achieving your fitness goals!

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