How to grow your coaching business on social media

A strong social media presence is essential for the growth of an online business. With a little research, you’ll see that most — if not all — of your competitors are already making a name for themselves on social media platforms. So, why not you, too? If you want to grow your coaching business on social media — and outgrow your competition — you’re in the right place. 

Today, we’ll let you in on how to attract leads to your social media channel, through organic social media strategies. Read on, to be in the swim of things!

How many people engage with your posts? Why?

Engagement on social media is the backbone of social media marketing. The more people engage with your posts, the more the algorithm will rank your account high; thus, increasing your social media visibility. This means that you’ll be able to grow your business’s social media accounts and reach more leads. 

That said, if you want to grow your coaching business on social media, you need to know how many of your followers engage with your posts. Not only that, but you also need to know why they engage with your posts — that is, if they do; what was it they found interesting? This is a key parameter for improving your social media engagement; and, eventually, achieving your social media goals.

Grow your coaching business on social media

Social media is a great tool to attract a loyal audience, build a strong relationship with them, and — when the right time comes — convert them into loyal clients. The question is, ‘how can you achieve all that?’ Don’t puzzle over it, we’ve got you covered! 

Here’s how you can grow your coaching brand on social media, in a few simple steps: 

1. Share ideas, insights, and solutions 

Your followers are hungry for new content; but not just any content: the kind that is inspiring, insightful and, most of all, helpful. Therefore, if you want to keep them, you need to consistently deliver such content. Falling into the trap of recycling the same posts, again and again, will result in losing followers. Your social feeds will grow stale. That’s why you need to share ideas, and insights — and yes, even provide solutions, every once in a while. Doing so will make your social media channels shine, with time.

2. Use storytelling

So, you’ve been consistent with high-quality content sharing and all, but have you made your content captivating? If you’re having trouble with this, and desperately want to spice up your content, you must turn to the art of good storytelling. 

The purpose of storytelling is to evoke an emotional response and inspire action. You can use storytelling to:

  • create your brand’s voice, tone, and personality
  • make your brand memorable, and 
  • build a relationship with your target audience. 

3. Use trends, pop culture, and seasonal events

Social media are imbued with pop culture; and pop culture, nowadays, is greatly influenced by social media. In other words, social media and pop culture are inseparably linked. So, there’s no reason why not make the most out of pop culture, trends and seasonal events to promote your coaching brand on social media. 

4. Leverage cadence and anticipation

Social media channels are built on loyal, passionate communities. And, that’s great news for someone like you: an endurance coach who seeks to grow their coaching business on social media. With this in mind, to attract — and maintainattention to your brand, you need:

  • on one hand, to keep a steady pace of content sharing;
  • on the other, to build anticipation through your social media activity.

To put it another way, first, you must establish a standard rendez-vous, and be as punctual as possible. If your content is top-notch, it won’t be long until you gain loyal followers who are hooked to your page, waiting for your next post.

5. Create quality content

In today’s already saturated social media landscape, bombarding your followers with posts — let alone the same posts — won’t increase your effectiveness. Quite the opposite; they’ll probably lose interest and find a similar page to interact with. To avoid such a situation, you need to make the time and effort to create quality content. To that end, focus on creating content that is:

  • Real (become a poster child)
  • Clear, and useful
  • High-paced and snappy
  • Motivating
  • Visually engaging
  • Short and sweet
  • Well-targeted and entertaining

6. Schedule-stream new content, if and when possible

Scheduling is a great way to plan your posts and trigger some anticipation and enthusiasm for your content. Stream-scheduling also helps you maintain algorithmic visibility, enhancing your social media presence. This is essential for getting your content out to a wider audience, and building a loyal audience

7. Build rapport with your audience

Building rapport with your audience is important for growing your coaching brand on social media. Doing so will help you: 

  • Build trust
  • Enhance audience engagement
  • Show people that you have important — and relevant information to share with them
  • Establish a common ground
  • Connect within them at a human level, not just at an intellectual one

8. Nurture your relationships

One of the biggest benefits social media has to offer endurance coaches is the ability to cultivate a relationship with their target audience. Without a doubt, having a good relationship with your audience can make a real difference in growing your brand. While cultivating relationships takes time and effort, your continued nurturing will ultimately reveal your brand’s true power

9. Share testimonials, reviews, and success stories

Sharing client testimonials, reviews, and success stories on social media is a sure way to build credibility around your brand. At the same time, you increase the likelihood that your prospective clients will choose you over your competitors. 

10. Define your goals behind every piece of content

It’s not enough to show up on social media platforms and just start posting whatever comes to mind; and, whenever you have the time. First, you must identify your goals — and be very specific about them. Then, you need to create and share posts that align with these goals, to start building your conversion funnels

11. Make sure people take the three steps of conversion

One way to increase the chances of your coaching business being successful on social media is to ensure that your prospects follow three simple steps. What are these steps? 

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand interest / Consideration
  • Decision / Transaction

With this approach, your prospects will have a smoother customer’s journey, while you’ll monitor all the customer touch points more efficiently. As a result, you’ll be able to lead them further down your funnel, and help your coaching brand scale.

12. Measure your results

In today’s digital world, you can track almost every single move your leads make, through metrics. Understanding which metrics matter the most to your business is the key to effective social media measurement. To identify these metrics, you have to remember your goals; your goals will, indeed, reveal which metrics you should focus on. 

13. Take advantage of partnership opportunities

Social media is a great place to find like-minded professionals to partner with. Now, you may ask, ‘Why would I want to partner with someone?’. Oh, the advantages are many, dear coach; some of them include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Attracting new leads
  • Growing your client base
  • Getting client feedback
  • Building client loyalty
  • Combining experiences, and knowledge 👉 added value to clients


Being active on social media, as an endurance coach, can be a fun, interactive way to create a buzz around your brand, and engage with prospective clients. Indeed, social media allows you, among other things, to:

  • express yourself — both as a professional and a person,
  • show your expertise, 
  • connect with new leads, and 
  • build the ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ factor to gain clients

All of these elements are crucial for your social media success. It might take a while to get there, but, with a little effort and dedication on your part — and a little help from Endogusto’s business-related articles ✌️— you’ll be able to finally grow your coaching business on social media.

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