Strength training, new reporting and more, with Endogusto

Hey, ScienceTrainers! Boy, do we have some great news for you! We’ve got even more time-saving goodies for you, that will improve your Endogusto experience! Starting with a workout library exclusively for strength training, and moving to a brand new integration with Suunto, a rethought report screen (Insights) and backfilled data straight from Garmin and from Suunto to get new athletes started in no time!

Strength training with our new Strength Library

Build your coaching business with some prestige. Do your strength coaching with pizzazz, using our brand new Strength Library. No more sifting through your library to find the titles of the exercises you needed; no more dealing with strength training as an afterthought. Just find what you need instantly, set up your sets, repetitions, intensity and rest periods, and you’re good to go!

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New integration with Suunto!

Following our latest integration with Polar, last month, we’re excited to bring you our brand new integration with Suunto. As of today, athletes can synchronize their training sessions with their Endogusto calendar, saving their coach loads of time in managing their workouts and monitoring their progress; Now, you can make all the readjustments that matter, for any athlete that uses a Suunto device.

How to connect your Suunto

Brand new Insights screen (Report screen)

Alright coaches! This is what you’ve been waiting for. Check your athletes, monitor their progress and keep all the stats you need from their training sessions, to manage and readjust their training plans a lot more effectively, with our new report screen. Understanding your athletes better is the key to providing them with exactly what they need to reach their goals. Not to mention, you can keep track of their consistency in time predictions on different distances. Find out how well their tailored training is working for them, at a glance and decide on what’s best for them, in moments. From now on, athlete monitoring will only need minutes!

And, athletes are not left behind in this! Athletes will also get everything they need to stay motivated and track their progress, versus the big picture, with our new, comprehensive and simplified report screen.

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Past workout data from Garmin and Suunto

Suppose you’re working with a new athlete. Surely, you need to evaluate their current fitness levels and performance. To do that, you need their recent training history and performance records. And that’s how you’ll be able to design the most effective training plan for them!

We’re thrilled to bring you past workout data from Garmin and Suunto. Each time a new athlete registers, Endogusto will bring their latest training history and performance records along. You can use this information to set their thresholds and get them started on a training plan that works from day one!

Note: Existing athletes already have some — or all — historical data available on Endogusto. No action is required.

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But, there’s always more in the pot. Here’s the full list of changes in this release.

Release Notes

New features

  • We’ve got a new integration with Suunto!
  • A new strength workout library is available in the builder to help save some time in planning for strengthening
  • A brand new insights screen (reports screen) is available, per athlete or group, or per time period
  • Past workout data from Garmin and Suunto are backfilled each time a new athlete connects their watch, to help calculate their fitness levels without test events


  • We added an Upgrade button, for you to change your subscription whenever you want
  • Added a mandatory sports selection for new account registrations, so we can serve a better experience
  • We improved the experience on the invitation page, to make things easier for you
  • Improved the pace chart rendering when the athlete is on pause
  • Endogusto can now receive your hiking and walking sessions on your calendar


  • Now that we’ve brought you support for more devices, we know you may intermittently use them all. We’ve implemented a queue-like data structure, so your activities arrive and get executed one by one, to make for a more robust experience.

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