SuuntoPlus™: synchronize your workouts to your watch

Let’s synchronize our training workouts with SuuntoPlus™! With some more automation and integrations, we’ve got ourselves a great workflow.  There are a lot of different ways to use Endogusto, and so much for us to do; so, we’ve teamed up with Suunto to bring you workout synchronization, with some time-saving goodies!

Send your workouts to your Suunto watch, with SuuntoPlusTM guides

SuuntoPlusTM Guides with Endogusto

Now, you can train and interact with more athletes, more efficiently, even more easily. Get your athletes to follow through their training plans with their Suunto watches, using the automatic sync via SuuntoPlus™ guides. Yes, that’s right! As of today, you can use SuuntoPlusTM guides to synchronize workouts to Suunto watches; a long expected functionality!

Synchronize workouts with a Suunto watch and help athletes remain motivated and happy, having fun with their workouts. No more handwritten notes to help remember the details of a workout, no more underperforming or overshooting.

As of today, you and your athletes can use your Suunto watches as your training guides; especially for interval or complex workouts. And, apart from accurate and efficient workout performance, you’ll be able to enjoy automated readjustments, based on new threshold detection. Any readjustments will, also automatically, get updated on your watch. What a great new feature!

Using Suunto Guides

In order to use Endogusto with Suunto, you need to have Suunto 3, Suunto 5 or Suunto 9 product family watches, with the latest software version. Your Suunto App also needs to be updated, with the latest release, which was launched in early March. 

Watch software

  • For Suunto 3, 5, 9 watches, the update will be available via SuuntoLink software for PC/Mac (requires USB cable). This is available for all watch owners
  • The Suunto 5 peak / Suunto 9 peak are automatically updated via the Suunto App, which will be rolled out by end-of-day, Wednesday, the 30th
  • The software version for all watches is: 2.20.28

If you find that Endogusto seems to not work with Suunto, please, make sure you’re not using an unsupported watch or, perhaps, an older software version on your watch.
For example, Suunto Spartan Family or Suunto 7 watches are not compatible with the SuuntoPlus™ Guides.

Learn how it works

But, hey! Keep checking this channel, because we’re not done! There are more goodies coming that you, yourself, may have asked for, in just a couple of weeks! We were just champing at the bit to bring you our brand new integration with SuuntoPlusTM, as soon as we finished it! It’s worth it!

Try it out!

So, to avoid confusion, here’s what’s new with this release:

Release Notes

New features

  • Integration with SuuntoPlusTM guides, to enable synchronization of workouts to the athlete’s Suunto watch

Just check back in a couple of weeks! There’s more coming!

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