Streamline communication with your athletes, all in one place, and more

One of the most prevalent problems a coach is faced with, on a daily basis, is handling communications in a more efficient manner, offering their athletes the quality of service they expect. A great step towards that direction is to be able to group athletes into different communication groups, with a common interest or goal. And that’s what we’ve prepared for you for today’s release!

Announcements and updates, using the Message Board

You asked, we deliver, once more! You said you needed a place to send messages, post your announcements, paste useful links and information and, generally, communicate with your athletes fast and more efficiently. Now, you can do it at nearly lightning-fast. Communicate directly with your athletes and batch send messages to multiple athletes, or teams, using custom groups! And you can edit your posts if you forgot something. Easy as pie! 

The need to create separate messages on various different platforms to get the information to everyone, is now a thing of the past!

See how it works

Sync workouts with a Coros watch

Some more great news! As of today, you can synchronize your workouts from your Coros watch to your Endogusto calendar, with our new Coros integration. 

There’s more coming, but we were just chomping at the bits to make at least the basic functionality available to you, as soon as possible. So, what is it all about?

If you’re a coach:

You can now include your Coros-using athletes to your Endogusto ‘family’ and make it all that much easier to collect all the data you need. As with all previous sports watch integrations, you can use all this data to offer them the best possible training program to reach their goals. This, of course, includes readjustments and thresholds. 

If you’re an athlete:

You’re going to love this: You can collect all your training data in one place, getting the big picture of your training plan. And, if you’re only using a Coros device for one sport, but, say, a Garmin device for another, you’re in luck! You can still collect all your training data into Endogusto.  

Either way, all you have to do is connect your Coros device with Endogusto. Easy as pie!

Here’s how

Organize your athletes into groups

We know you need a place to group your athletes, for better management and organization. This will only help you keep tabs on your clientele and your entire workflow. One thing is for sure, though; the quality of communication with your athletes, as well as your interactions with them, will define the future of your collaboration with them, in helping them reach their goals. And, to do that, they need to be in the right mindset and remain fully committed to their goals, throughout their journey. In other words, they need to remain motivated.

With our new grouping feature, you can create custom groups for your athletes and add them in these new or in already existing groups. You can also edit or delete a group, according to your — and their — needs. Leverage teamwork spirit, help them keep each other motivated and ever improving and create a small community for them, where they know they can be heard and understood. This makes a world of difference when things get tough for them.

See how it works

There’s more!

Now, we’re currently working on a few surprise features; and this takes time. But, stay tuned, because you’re going to love them!

Just to share one of them, let’s share our experiences and improve our services through a healthy and outgoing process, helping more and more people, at our new Facebook community!

Join us, today!

We’ve also made a few improvements, along the way, to make sure we’re making your lives easier, every step of the way. Here’s the complete list of changes, in this release:

Release Notes

New features

  • Message board: send messages, post announcements, paste links, upload images or other material, and communicate with athletes fast
  • Coros integration: Synchronize your workouts from your Coros watch to Endogusto
  • Organize your athletes into multiple custom groups, for better communication, interaction and motivation


  • Now, you can set a custom pool size, to properly measure any type of swimming workout.
  • As per common demand, we changed how comment boxes work. Now, pressing the “Enter” button will change the line, as opposed to sending the message.
  • Made an improvement as to how in-app notifications are rendered on different screens and different browsers.
  • Added a help button containing help content related to each screen.
  • Upload images or other material.


  • In some cases, the invitation status would not automatically refresh to reflect its latest state. We fixed this issue.
  • We fixed an issue on mobile browsers, where calendar notes remained hidden.
  • Removed rest day events from the library dashboard categories, to avoid confusion.

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