Better user experience, more automation and increased robustness

You guys never cease to amaze us! Every day, as you reach out to us, we learn something new about you, your workflows and your daily hurdles. And, sometimes, while we’re beavering away, striving to bring you new, useful functionality, you might stop us on our tracks with ideas and use cases we never thought of. That’s what happened this time around! We rounded up all your improvement requests, interesting use cases and a few fixes that were due; and, we decided to hit the pause button for a few days and make Endogusto better for you. Besides, that’s what we’re here for!

Now, make no mistake; we’re still working on new functionality and more improvements. But, it’s always important to occasionally stop, take a step back and just listen to what you need. And, it’s equally important for us to be able to bring your ideas and requests to life, as soon as we can. So, consider this an intermediate release, where we tend to all the smaller things; pay attention to detail, more than usual.

So, don’t look for any big new features; new functionality is on the way. But, have a look at all the improvements and fixes we prepared for you, making Endogusto a better product; with better user experience, more automation and increased robustness.

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Enough said; Here’s our complete list of changes:

Release Notes


  • We made a flow improvement regarding an athlete’s invitation. On acceptance, by clicking on the notification message, the system will now automatically navigate you to the athlete’s profile.
  • Made an improvement in session handling, for clarity. When a coach received an email as an athlete, any athletes selected from a previous session would be deselected. This is no longer the case
  • Improved the layout response, to make sure the logout button is visible on mobile devices
  • Made some improvements on the account locking mechanism, which is triggered after 3 unsuccessful login attempts
  • Improved user experience on Plan Library management. Whenever a new Plan Library item is created from the calendar, the user is automatically redirected to the Plan Library “page”
  • User experience improvement on the calendar: When a plan is assigned to a single athlete, the system will automatically navigate the user to the athlete’s calendar, on the month the program starts, for convenience
  • An “Add race” for your athlete button will now display, if one isn’t available, when building a macrocycle for the athlete
  • Did some message handling, when no items are present in the library, to improve user experience
  • The macrocycle is now managed taking all target races scheduled within its time frame into consideration
  • Races are now formatted according to their priority
  • We’ve improved the way zone intensity distribution is done, based on all target races
  • We’ve got an updated, simplified login page


  • Caught — and fixed — an issue where the strength training window wouldn’t open for a few users
  • Fixed a layout issue where the Library — in calendar view — did not scroll all the way down
  • When two different watches were set up (e.g. a Garmin and a Suunto) to sync workouts at the same time, zone changes were only updated on one watch, when the zones were changed from the athlete’s profile. We fixed that
  • We resolved an issue where some users couldn’t move some types of swimming workouts
  • Updated the default distribution percentages in the macrocycle
  • Resolved an issue where a coach would click on an athlete-related notification button on an email, but the athlete in question was not being selected in some cases

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