Analyze your data with a new centralized tool, menstrual cycles and more

In-depth analysis of important training parameters is important for every endurance coach to be able to train their athletes effectively. All the more so, since you’ve been asking for some well deserved improvements. We know that training analysis is the key to successful planning; not to mention the constant readjustments required when things don’t go quite as planned. And, athletes need a good way to look at the aftermath of their workouts, too! So, that’s what we’ve prepared for you in today’s release! Analyze your data, even more effectively!

In-depth analysis of training parameters, for every one of your athletes

Time-saving, centralized data analysis, in Endogusto

We know you’ve needed more advanced analysis functionality for a couple of months now. And, we did our best to incorporate your requests into our roadmap for the nearest release. You may have deduced that already, but guess what! That’s today! 

In-depth analysis of the most important training parameters in a workout are now available for you to use and come up with some useful conclusions. Conduct your own training analysis and decide on the next round of readjustments and recommendations for your athletes. Establish progress by parameter, such as heart rate, pace or ascent, all in one graph! You can analyze your data by selecting custom areas on your graphs, to get useful time-specific insights. You also get a table with the laps executed, for easy comparison. Not to mention, you can also see an entire training session on the map, to get a better picture. Filter the available information by workout, by timeframe or by planned vs completed workouts. Communicate your findings or improvement recommendations with your athletes, using comments on specific workouts, which are also available centrally, for ease of use.

Athletes will have a view on it, too!

Endurance athletes often base their commitment on their achievements and the consequent motivation that comes from them. Now, they’ll be able to review their latest progress, compare it with previous workouts and come up with ways to improve. Not to mention, they’ll have the insights required to be able to effectively communicate any problem they might see coming, to you; their endurance coach.

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Import your exported activities into Endogusto

Want to move your existing activities and training data from another source, into your Endogusto account? No need to do it manually! As of today, you can export your data, download and unzip it (if needed) and just use the import functionality in Endogusto to automatically — or, should we say “automagically”? — bring them in, in minutes!

Coaches can now utilize existing data from new and existing athletes alike, to evaluate their fitness levels and establish their thresholds, without even conducting test events!

This helps all athletes, as well! Athletes are now able to use our importer to bring in their training data from other sources, just the same way as their coach would. 

And, don’t worry! We’ll be implementing several improvements to the importer in future releases. We’d like to make it even easier for you to bring in your data and start working, in moments!

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Endurance training for women, taking menstruation cycles into account

Workout around menstruation cycles, with Endogusto

As coaches, ourselves, we’ve always had to take special care of training plans for women athletes. You know it, as well; the menstrual cycle introduces a certain level of difficulty in working out as planned. And, while it’s absolutely normal, hormonal changes may occasionally prevent an athlete from training efficiently — if at all. 

We thought we’d do something about this, to help everyone do an easier job of planning around it. That’s why, in today’s release, we’ve included a bonus feature. Women athletes are now able to select the first day of their cycle. Each athlete will have the option to notify their coach about it, if they want to. If that’s the case, the entire cycle will then be color-coded on their calendar, as per hormonal changes. Please, note here that the athlete needs to set the first day of their cycle each month, as it occurs.

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Improved weekly summaries

 We’re sure you’ll notice; weekly summaries are now much more easy to understand. You get an analysis of what was planned, versus what was finally performed, in relation to distances and duration set. You also get the total workout duration; not only per sport, but as a compound result for all the sports the athlete is involved in. And, we’ve matched stress levels to a unique color, so you can easily detect any problems without even having to read numbers!

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But wait! You didn’t think that was all, did you? Well, we wouldn’t just leave you with a single new feature to analyze your data! Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

Release Notes

New features

  • Analyze your data with new analysis functionality, for even better insights
  • Importer functionality, to bring your data in from external sources, in moments
  • New functionality for menstruation-based training, for even better performance results


  • Simplified the way a coach uses the library, removing the prompts resulting in a set of sequential popup windows being opened
  • The activity panel now opens up as a dialogue, for faster response
  • Upload an image or avatar to use as a profile photo
  • You can add clickable links into comments and instructions
  • Added “running power” information on the analyze screen
  • New, plus icon added in the calendar, for you to add workouts faster
  • A coach can now add a race for their athletes, or edit an existing one
  • Improved the user experience of the weekly summaries with better use of screen real-estate


  • We fixed an issue with the recorded time of workout execution on Garmin and Suunto, due to different time zones

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