Synchronize your workouts with your Garmin watch

Hey coaches! These past few months have been a rollercoaster for us. You’ve all been great using Endogusto and coming back to us with loads of feedback. And, once more, you asked, we listened. We’ve been meaning to gradually give you the ability to synchronize your workouts with your Garmin watches — and other brands, as well. But, you guys really need this, now. So, we had to bring one or two things forward, to make things easier for you, even sooner! 

As of today, you can synchronize your workouts with your Garmin calendar, so your workouts can be downloaded to your Garmin device. You can also mute inactive athletes. Αnd, not to mention, Endogusto now supports .fit files. If you’re using a Garmin watch they’re synced automatically, but if you’re using another brand you can also upload your own files. And that’s not the end of it; we’re hard at work bringing you even more helpful integrations with other sports watches! So, stay tuned or miss out!

Sync structured workouts to your Garmin calendar and Garmin devices

Synchronize your workouts with your Garmin watch

To be more precise, you’re actually synchronizing your Endogusto calendar with your Garmin calendar. So, that means you’re good to go with any — and all — Garmin devices you may be using.

We know, being able to synchronize your workouts is a key feature; one to go hand in hand with your coaching business. And, we know how important it is for you to save time and for your athletes to remain motivated and happy, having fun with their workouts. The extra hassle of having to write down notes to remember for a workout, is now a thing of the past! These will never be the days of yore.

Not to mention, you and your athletes will no longer need to manually import workout sessions to your Garmin accounts. From now on, you’ll be able to use your watch as a training guide! Especially for interval or complex workouts. So, no more guesswork; you’ll be able to perform workouts more accurately and more efficiently, without moving a finger. Every time a workout is added, moved, modified, readjusted or removed — even if a new threshold is detected — it will automatically get updated on your Garmin watch, as well. Being able to synchronize your workouts to your watch is a real treat. That ought to free up a magnet or two on your fridge!

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Mute inactive athletes

Mute inactive athletes

Some of your athletes may need to take some time off, for a host of different reasons. Having to deal with updates and notifications about them causes some unwanted overhead. We understand the value of your time and we respect that. So, we thought, why not do something about it? And we did! When you no longer wish to receive notifications and emails for athletes that are not currently training, just mute them! That’ll reduce your overhead and save you time to give your undivided attention to athletes that need it.

Additionally, you’ll no longer have to remove any athletes that had an extended interruption in their training, only to re-invite them when they’re ready to resume it. You can just un-mute them with a click of a button, and have them restarted in moments.

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Import .FIT files — Manually upload workouts

Import workouts with .fit files

We’re stepping up our game by adding support for “.fit” files. These are the files that represent your training sessions. And that’s where all the information is contained for each workout. By supporting “.fit” files, we’ll be able to provide you with even more analytics insights, add reports to help you make mindful decisions and automate the way we set an athlete’s thresholds and assess their physiological condition. So, even if there’s little to nothing for you to do with this cool feature, stay tuned; we’ll be adding loads of time-saving cool stuff for you to improve your efficiency and productivity.

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Interchangeable training methods

Got your attention? Well, not exactly interchangeable; but, here’s a frequent scenario. Say, your cycling athlete’s power meter just broke and you need another way to measure their performance until they’ve replaced it with a new one. Now, you can change their training subscription method from Power and Power Zones to Heart Rate and HR Zones or to RPE and RPE Zones; without ever having to redesign their workouts. Now you know how to help them when they call you up with this sort of issue. Or, do you need to copy an existing workout from one athlete to the other, but use a different training subscription method? You can do that, too! 

And the best part is that there won’t be any difference, neither in how the workout intensity is defined, nor in the overall impact of the training session to the athlete’s performance. The stress zones will remain the same, while all the measurements will automatically be readjusted to the new measurement method. How’s that for a timesaver?

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But, wait! There’s more! Here’s a complete list of what we were up to, this time around:

Release Notes

New Features

  • Sync structured workouts to your Garmin calendar and Garmin devices
  • Mute inactive athletes, for as long as you need
  • Import .FIT files — Manually upload workouts


  • Interchangeable training methods: Change training subscription method from Power and Power Zones to Heart Rate and HR Zones or to RPE and RPE Zones without having to redesign workouts
  • Undertraining and overtraining status algorithm optimization
  • Added support for walking and hiking activities
  • Stress calculation optimization
  • Optimized heart rate zone limits
  • Builder optimization with faster copy-paste-delete-move workout actions


  • We fixed an error that came up when building with pace zones
  • We fixed an issue when TPace was too low the zones calculation failed and the activity page wouldn’t open
  • While in dual calendar mode, the app would freeze if you tried to use the analyze functionality. We fixed that.

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