A brand new, time-saving, redesigned dashboard

Need to manage, communicate and interact with your athletes in moments, instead of hours? Need to filter athletes and data with simple, single-click processes? Our brand new, redesigned dashboard is here! Glance at a quick overview of your team’s performance and commitment and make better decisions for them. Keep up with everything with a quick review of what’s planned for each one of your athletes these next days. And, all of it in one, concise, redesigned dashboard!

Save time, become more efficient, with our new dashboard

Endogusto — New dashboard view

The brand new dashboard in Endogusto is becoming more of a multitool for your daily jobs. There’s a multitude of tasks you can perform or get information for, just by visiting your dashboard view. And we have more coming. But, let’s have a look at what’s available to you, as of today:

  • Review and assess your team’s performance, for better readjustments
  • Organize your tasks for the day, for increased productivity
  • Go through all workout comments, coming from all athletes, without even changing tabs on your browser
  • Get quick information regarding the next training session planned for each athlete, keeping tabs on everything
  • Monitor all planned vs completed workouts, without having to switch between athletes, for faster responses
  • Find out all the personal bests that happened in the last 7 days, to manage your rewarding system
  • Measure your team’s commitment over time, to identify any issues that need fixing
  • Filter athletes by age, latest communication, and more, to work more closely with them
  • Read the latest articles and training tips from Endogusto, to stay up to date with useful tips and techniques

All in all, we’ve been talking with all of you to identify areas of improvement. It’s been working wonderfully and we’ve been able to redesign quite a few things, for the better. We hope these updates will help increase your productivity and efficiency, save you lots of time and increase your bottom line. 

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But wait, there’s more! Here’s the full list of changes in this release:

Release Notes

New features

  • Redesigned dashboard with timesaving features, for increased productivity and efficiency


  • Coaches can now add races for their athletes
  • The “distance” field in the workout builder now accepts 3 decimals
  • Added an option to set a swimming workout as “open” or “pool”


  • Fixed the “accept new threshold” action when in the notification center
  • Fixed an incorrect date tooltip going on with distance duration stress charts on the Report screen
  • Restructured sync algorithm where the previous month of Garmin-synced workouts were deleted from the Garmin calendar

A brand new, time-saving, redesigned dashboard was last modified: December 15th, 2021 by Endogusto