GarminOut and how to upload your training manually

I’m pretty sure you already know, by now, all about # garminout and the pain this unfortunate incident causes to all Garmin enthusiasts, globally! Social media are flooded with questions and concerns related to the problem. As we know in the endurance world, if a workout fails to synchronize to Garmin connect, it definitely didn’t happen! Sort of like the “Pics or it didn’t happen” predicament. 

Garmin Connect — Sync it manually

Fear not though, for every problem always has at least one solution! So, # garminout or not, if you want to see your precious training data from already completed workouts on the cloud; perhaps even analyze it, post it or whatever makes you happy, we have the solution for you!

In a remotely managed world, sometimes cables get their own revenge! This is the time to dig up your Garmin cable and plug in the USB device into your computer. Relax on your sofa, remember the good old days, and upload your workout manually. OK, Garmin is temporarily out, but Strava is waiting for you and your data. If you don’t remember how the procedure goes, let us give you a quick refresher, for good measure: 

Now, make sure you use the official Garmin cable, not a generic charging mini USB cable (if you have an older Edge model). 

Step 1: 

Connect your Garmin device directly on your PC

Step 2: 

Find the activity you want to sync, using Windows Explorer/Edge. Double click on your device name and go to Garmin folder > Activities. You should now be able to view your activities (“.fit” files) as illustrated in the image below:

.fit activity files

Step 3: 

Log in to your Strava account (click here)

Step 4: 

Click on the “plus” icon at the top right hand side of your screen. You will find it next to your profile picture:

Strava profile - Upload activity

Step 5: 

From the drop-down options select “Upload activity”.

Step 6: 

Click on the “Choose file” button. Select the activity you want to sync from the dialog box .

You are now ready to (optionally) edit it and then go on to save it to your Strava account. Repeat the process for every activity you want to sync. It is somewhat tedious task, but no one knows how long the # garminout will last. And it’s definitely not the scientific way to do it. But, “better safe than sorry”, as the old adage goes.

And if you’re Mac users?

The procedure for # garminout is exactly the same for Mac users. That is, except for the case of a Garmin device that supports music.

That includes Forerunner 245/645 music, 945, vivoactive 3 music, Fenix 5 Plus, / 6 pro series, etc.

In that case, you need to additionally install “Android file transfer“ (a utility that allows a Mac to connect to Android phones).

After the installation has completed, plug your Garmin Device in. From the pop-up dialog box, follow the steps above. They’re exactly the same.

You are now ready to play a bit with your data and watch it transform into graphs, KOMs, personal bests, etc. 

Garmin will be back!

Don’t stop believing in Garmin! We’re confident it will soon return to normal! It’s a matter of time before # garminout fades into oblivion.

GarminOut and how to upload your training manually was last modified: September 15th, 2021 by Aris Myrkos