You’re not just an endurance coach. 
You’re also a business owner!

Business Management

Coach your runners from 5k to Ultramarathon, by designing, managing and monitoring quality training plans and boost your coaching performance

Grow your business with more coaches
Add coaches to your business and train more athletes
Mute inactive athletes
Mark athletes as inactive if they are on a break and stop receiving notifications until you are ready to reactivate them with a click!
Track athlete commitment over time
Insights on each athlete’s commitment to the training plan (completed, partial, unplanned, not completed)
Athlete onboarding
Athletes sign-up for your service through your personalized portal
Keep track of payment history
Monitor payments received, overdue payments, and upcoming payments to stay on top of your income
Apply payment plans to individual athletes
Apply personalized payment plans to individual athletes, or groups of athletes, depending on the level of service they have purchased from you
Create your payment plans and one-off fees
Create recurring billing plans or one-off plans specific to your business needs
Receive athletes payments
With a Stripe integration, you can receive payments from your athletes directly to your personal bank account


Coach your runners from 5k to Ultramarathon, by designing, managing and monitoring quality training plans and boost your coaching performance

Color-coded workout tracking
Color-coded training events, per sport, including color-coded auto-comparison for “planned” vs “completed” workouts
Weekly Intensity Distribution tool
Easy tools to determine the weekly distribution of intensity and plan workouts accordingly
Create Macro- & Micro-cycles
Plan the whole year and the training block in advance so you can be sure your athletes are improving in the long run
Scheduled Release Training
Design several weeks worth of workouts and gradually release them to athletes’ calendars in small batches. Retain control over any last minute changes or readjustments that might come up.
Menstrual Cycle tracking
Female athletes can now select the first day of their menstrual cycle, optionally notifying their coach about it, to optimize their training schedule. The entire cycle will then be color-coded on their calendar, as per hormonal changes.
Create a Test Event
You can assign one of our fitness tests, or create your own, to evaluate every athlete’s physical condition before you design their training plan.
Dual Calendar
Use the Dual Calendar view to compare, copy and paste existing workouts from one athlete to another; all parameters will be automatically updated, according to their specific training zones!
Integrations with Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros, Wahoo
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Compatible with Strava
Compatible with Strava was last modified: April 22nd, 2024 by Endogusto
FIT file upload
Athletes can upload single or multiple .FIT files to get a view of current and past trainings
Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)
Athletes can use RPE and even emoticons (sad, happy, etc) to describe their workouts helping to see if the results are in line with what was expected.
Activity comments
Athletes can give details about individual workouts through Activity Comments, and coaches can reply as necessary.
Injury box
You can find them under each workout, for an athlete to declare any injury they may have suffered during a session. Readjust their plan to compensate for their injury.
Mark workout as done
Athlete’s can mark workouts as done when activity tracking isn’t an option. This keeps the expected stress and FFF in line with the expected load.
Manually add an activity
Athlete’s can manually add a workout when automatic workout tracking hasn’t been used
Athlete Availability
Athletes can set their availability as needed so coaches can work around life commitments for the most effective training results
Detailed and efficient dashboard
Get a bird’s eye view of the latest athletes’ activity, communication, notifications, etc., right from your first login.
Detailed Overview
An overview of each athlete, complete with thresholds (including historical data), progress, personal bests (on various distances and timeframes), and more!
Athlete Grouping
Organize athletes into multiple custom groups, for better communication & management, and fast interaction, leveraging group motivation.
Athlete Filtering
Filter and monitor your athletes, at a glance. Who missed a training session? Who veered off course?
Assign athletes to coaches
Choose which coach of your business will train each athlete or coach them yourself
Track athlete commitment over time
Insights on each athlete’s commitment to the training plan (completed, partial, unplanned, not completed)
Separate Notifications Dashboard for everything that matters, fully sorted and categorized. Choose which notifications to receive in-app and via email.
Calendar notes
Post notes to any day on the calendar to ping your athletes on things you want them to keep in mind
Workout Comments
Comment on an athlete’s training session to keep your athletes motivated
Message Board
Send messages, post announcements, insert links, upload images or other material, and communicate with athletes, lightning-fast!
Centralized message board
Share material, post links, and make announcements across your business or to specific athlete groups, as needed.
Analytics for individual workouts
After each workout see detailed graphs including, pace, HR, laps, elevation, power, etc.
Auto-updates of key metrics
As your athletes improve, FTP, lactate thresholds, and T-Pace metrics are automatically updated.
Detailed Training Insights
Choose 3, 6, or 12 months of data in one view and per sport. No more tedious spreadsheets to keep track of.
Expected FFF and Performance graphs
Form-Fitness-Fatigue (FFF) graphs and readiness graphs based on scientific algorithms help to visualize and predict future performance to make adjustments to the training as necessary.
Training plan library
Create new training plans or save an existing block of training as a plan and apply to one or more athletes. Training parameters will automatically adjust accordingly.
Workout library
Create new or save existing custom workouts to your library and assign to athletes or use them to build complete training plans
Prebuilt workouts
Access our extensive library of ready-to-use workouts and get started training your athletes from day one
Strength library
Create & save your custom workouts from our vast library of strength exercises
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